Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Day 36: Vermillion Bay to Raleigh Lake

July 15, 2006

Kms Today: 120

Today was a good ride out of Vermillion Bay. A very beautiful ride but a hot ride none the less. After a quick break in Dryden for lunch (yes Tim Horten's!) and grocery shopping, we were out on the road again.

We took a nice relaxing break including a swim in the afternoon at Jackfish Lake! It allowed us to cool off and feel really refreshed.

By late evening, we had found our way to the Cobblestone Lodge on Raleigh Lake. A big thank you to the owners of the Cobblestone Lodge for their donation of a campsite and showers. They were tremendously enjoyed including a night swim from Alisha and Cam!

Klara, Alisha and Jennica even found a little company tonight as a frog decided to make the fly of their tent home! They didn't even have to catch him and the camera definitely didn't scare him away.


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