Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Day 34: Lake of the Woods Ontario

July13, 2006

Km Today: 0 Km
Day off to tour one of the amazing lakes of Ontario.

Today we were the guests of David and Darlene Baldner. After a lovely sleep, and waking up without alarm clocks, we got up to an amazing breakfast! Thank you Darlene! A few loads of laundry later, we went out on the boat with David to explore Lake of the Woods. This lake has TONS of islands in it and is one of the unsung wonders of Canada!

A picnic lunch on Coney Island and a nice swim in the Lake, we continued our tour with a boat ride to Kenora and a little ice cream!

As we were riding back to Clearwater Bay, we saw a storm on the horizon and tried to get back before it hit. We were packing the boat away as the majority of the rain hit but thank goodness we weren't in the boat! It was such a treat to watch a storm from a safe distance and from inside a house where we weren't gettin wet!!!

A million thanks to Dave and Darlene for their amazing hospitality!!


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