Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Day 33: Whitemouth Campgr to Clearwater Bay

July 12, 2006

Km Today: 95km


This morning was so hot! Even before we left, we were already hot! A ride into Falcon Bay, we stopped at the bakery for a snack! Everyone knows we love baked goods!

Today, we also crossed from Manitoba to Ontario! It is amazing that we are in our 5th province! This will also be a really LONG province.

David and Darlene Baldner, the people we are staying with in Clearwater Bay met us on the road! It was so nice to meet them! They were so nice and took our bags so we could ride unhindered to Clearwater Bay.

There was a real dinner party tonight and we met two other amazing couples: Garry and Gwen, and Tim and Deanna, both really interesting couples from Clearwater Bay. It was so neat to meet both couples and hear amazing stories, as well as learn a little about Lake of the Woods. After a great dinner, we were more than ready for a good sleep.


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