Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Day 39: Kakabeka Falls to Thunderbay Ont.

Distance: 35 km

Today was my kind of riding day!

Got up, had a quick breaky, packed up camp, took another quick look around the Falls and then hit the road.

Before my saddle sores had time to start hurting again, we were already in Thunder Bay!
We had a great day in Thunder Bay doing laundry, getting bikes serviced and we even went to see a movie.... at the Theatre!

It's such a welcomed break when we can put on 'normal' clothes and blend in to society even for a few hours.

Special thanks to Satusirkku Minor for being such an excellent host (ie. feeding us and putting up with our stuff spread all over her house, ohh and she drove us around!).

Satu is the mother of a friend of Jennica's from school, and she teaches belly dancing here in TB!

We (or at least I) tried to sneak a free lesson - but our day was so busy. Maybe next time...




At 10:14 PM, Blogger rita said...

HI guys!!!! I am so impressed, you guys are amazing! It's so hard to believe you're actually in Ontario and you did it all with leg power!!! It's great to be home again from cuba and catching up with all your adventures!! I love the blog and seeing all the photos! Really gives us a good feel of what life is like for you. love you all! Happy belated birthday to Klara! love mom/rita

At 9:34 PM, Blogger the Mills Family said...

so tonight we went to Milestone's to use the gift certificate we bought at your silent auction fundraiser. CAm we updated our waitress on your progress...can't remember her name...long dark hair.
Alisha we were seated at the table next to Mr Jiwa from your high school...(french immersion teacher)...so we updated him and he asked for your email address which we gave him as well as the blogspot. We thought how interesting life is and how circumstances arise to promote your cause and charity work you are doing.

Keep cycling guys. Dad's work colleagues have spotted you on route!!
Love Mom/Gillian

At 9:36 PM, Blogger the Mills Family said...

ditto on the blog and stories and photos!!

I just love them and look forward to the next installment.
Love Mom


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