Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Day 38: Upsala to Kakabeka Falls

July 16, 2006

Kms Today: 115 ish

When you are out in the wilderness your timelines are subject to Mother Nature. Today mother nature was on our side with a Great Tail Wind.

Big highlight - NEW TIME ZONE!! Yah Eastern Time! Problem is we keep losing time, which usually translates into losing more sleep. boo!

If you are ever cycling this route there is a small gift shop about 20 km outside of Upsala where they sell gourmet coffee. Of course, when they say 'gourmet' this means high quality drip coffee... Not quite the lattè Alisha was dreaming of!

Terrain: the hills start to get more frequent and steeper as you get closer to Kakabeka.

Interesting occurances on the road.
A bee flew into Klara's helmet and stung her while she was decending one of the hills.

Jen and Klara saw a black bear! Jen was really excited until Klara pointed out the mother could be close by....

This was followed by 6 rounds of singing the happy song, in hopes the sound of singing voices would scare away an angry mother bear.

The time to be happy is now
The place to be happy is here .
The way to be happy is to make others happy and have a little heaven down here.

Swimming at Kakabeca falls:
What happens when you take 5 triathletes on a cycling trip across canada?
They exercise even when they are washing up before they go to bed. Our evening swim consisted of an obstacle course, handstands, summersaults and a piggyback racing. Never ending excitement till we hit the pillow.


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