Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Bike Blunders and Bike Mishaps


- broken spoke (Rossport, ON)
- bent cog, needed to replace second ring (temporarily fixed with a hammer for two days!) (Ignace, ON)
- broken presta valve, not flat, but couldn't inflate (Calgary, AB)


- lost trailer hook, fixed with a washer and screw that actually work better! (Creston, BC)


- rear flat (Rock Creek, BC)
- tire bulge, probably as a result of uneven wear, pannier weight and braking - put on a temporary racing slick in Marathon, ON, but got two new tires today in the Sault


- tire slice, resulting in a flat x2 (went through 5 tubes!) : one temporarily fixed with the slick, the other with a five dollar bill! (Replaced tire in Winnipeg, MB, and then Kenora, ON)
-derailer not working (probably as a result of the Manning Park crash), having a lot of difficulty shifting down - "fixed" multiple times: Grand Fork, Osoyoos, Regina, Winnipeg, Thunder Bay
- finally decided to get a new front derailer today in the Sault


- squeaky bike: turns out that I rubbed off all the grease from inside the idler pulley (part of the rear gear system) or that it washed off in all the BC rain - "re-lubed" in Banff, AB
- broken or worn-out clips on my bike the sole of my shoe had half removed itself: new shoes (maybe my bd present?) in Thunder Bay, ON


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