Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A record Setting Day: Charlottown PEI to Port Hastings NS

Day 68: Record Setting Day!

We Biked 207.8km today! Isn't that amazing. We left the Barretts (Bob and Elsie)this morning at 6am and arrived at the Frenchs (Florence and Gerard) at about 9 pm. This morning we all woke up at 5:30 and set a record for how fas we could leave (we do appologize for not staying for breakfast). About 30 minutes into the trip as the sun was rising and the mist over PEI was lifting Jennica got a flat. Alisha sprinted ahead to tell Cam and Christine of the unfortunate insident (4 flat in about 3 days of riding). Cam and Christine kept heading for the ferry so we could ensure catching the 9:30 ferry while I helped Jen(actuallly jen did most of the work which she does diserve a round of applause for!) and Alisha waited for us to catch up. Then Jen, Alisha and I sprinted for 2.5 hours to get to the 9:30 ferry. Fortunately, we made it just in time to load onto the front of the lower deck for a 75 min ferry ride to Nova Soctia.

We arrive in Nova Soctia at 11:15 am pealed off our layers and sunscreened up for one of the hotest days in a while (especially after the rainstorm that delayed our plans and forced the 200km journey today.)

Over all we biked 145 km fully loaded and arrived in Atigonish at 5pm, ate some dinner and made a phone call. We asked for some help the remaining 60km. Florence agreed to pick up our bags and help us speed up the remaining portion of the trip to Port Hasting on the lovely Cape Breton Coast. Horray!

Hopefully our bodies will forgive us tomorrow. The plan is to bike 100 km tomorrow and then the following morning ride ~45km before an epic 15 hr ferry ride. The end of our journey is quickly approaching and I am so excited!!!!!!

A special thank-you to the French's for their warm hospitality.

Day 67: Exploring PEI

Today we took the opportunity to explore the heritage and beauty PEI has to offer. After and amazing breakfast made by Caleb's Outlook's fabulous chef's (Jim and Betty) Betty drove us out to Cavindish to explore Green Gables and marvel in the captivating environment that enspired Lucy Montgomery's story Anne of Green Gables. My favorite was the strole down the path that started with Lovers Lane. I recommend walking the short 1.6 km walk alone breathin in the fresh PEI air and listening to the sounds of the forest that captivated Lucy. There are brief exerps from her diaries all around the walk and breathing in her vibrant quotes as you walk along is just invigorating.

After Green Gables we drove over to see the red cliffs and Cavindish beach then back to Caleb's out look for lunch before we headed off towards Charlottown and Northumberland Provincal Park. We stopped off for dinner in downtown Charlottown as the rain was just poouring down. As we sat a at our dinner the harsh reality of the PEI storm came over us and with only 36 km under our belt we decided that we had to seek shelter for the night. So we called Betty and Jim with a last minute request for help. We were so lucky! Betty contacted the Barretts close friends of theirs in Charlottown and they welcomed us into their home with open arms. Thank-you soo much for inviting us into you home at such a late hour and sheltering us from the storm.


At 12:51 PM, Blogger the Mills Family said...

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At 12:53 PM, Blogger the Mills Family said...

you are an amazing fivesome!!! you have climbed hills, mtns. had some valleys ...endured heat, mosquitoes, flat tires..storms..falls....experienced incredible hospitality....and here you are almost at the end of an incredible journey...or at the beginning of the next chapter of your life ..keep going you are almost are within the sound of our applause....wish we coudl be at the finish line with hugs and kisses, flowers and medals.

At 8:20 AM, Blogger rita said...

Ditto to the Mills family as they have expressed our sentiments so eloquently! And now, after a phonecall we know that you are in St Johns! what an accomplishment! You must be SO proud of yourselves as we know you have endured many complications and difficulties along the way but... you've done it! congratulations to you all! See you soon! love mom and dad/rita and grant


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