Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Day 70: North Sidney Ferry Terminal...

Today was a much easier day than the last two. With only 30 km the team took it easy in the morning and set of for the ferry terminal at 11 am.

10 minutes later a loud hissing sound was heard as Alisha experienced yet another flat (but this time it was a fast leak....we didn't have many of those on this trip). By now Alisha is a pro at changing flats. In not time, a new tube was on and we were ready to roll.

With our metabolism running a mile a minute and ferries being notoriously bad for healthy food choices the team set off to stock up for the ferry ride and our following day's ride at the grocery store. Then we were off to check in at the ferry terminal: $100 for the ferry ride including our bikes then an additional $30 for a bunk in the dormitory (not the greatest bed in the world but we did get some much needed shut eye...It just wasn't a quality sleep).

On board the ferry, we bumped into a group of men from Moncton forewheeling across the rock one who knew Alisha's grampy. The gang was so friendly in the east coast way. Bill Searle even offered to make a few phone calls to helps us arrange transport to the airport in St. John's. Thank's sooo much.

Grand total: 32 km

Interesting facts:
The ferry operates on Newfoundland time (30 min ahead of Atlantic Time)
The ferry ride to Argentia takes 15 hours through open waters....apparently it can get quite rocky some day's.
We were luck to have good weather.



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